Vol 12, No 1


Silvia Di Croce, Azzurra Tosi, Luca Bilancetti, Giovanni Luca, Stefania Mazzitelli, Nicolina Bozzuto, Claudio Nastruzzi
Design, Production and Characterization of Polymeric Microparticles Containing Vitamins for in
Vitro Cell Treatment on Lab-on-a-chip
(pdf 440 KB)


Claude P. Champagne
Starter Cultures Biotechnology: The Production of Concentrated Lactic Cultures in Alginate Beads and
Their Applications in the Nutraceutical and Food Industries
(Review paper) (pdf 383 KB)

Elena Efremenko, Nikolay Stepanov, Nikolay Martinenko, Irina Gracheva
Cultivation Conditions Preferable for Yeast Cells to be Immobilized into Poly(vinyl alcohol) and used
in Bottled Sparkling Wine Production
(pdf 323 KB)


Alice P. A. Urbano, Antonio J. Ribeiro, Francisco Veiga
Design of Pectin Beads for Oral Protein Delivery (pdf 323 KB)


Evelina Ivanova, Ernest Teunou, Denis Poncelet
Alginate Based Macrocapsules as Inoculant Carriers for the Production of Nitrogen Fixing Bio Fertilizers (pdf 499 KB)


Catarina M. Silva, Antonio J. Ribeiro, Francisco Veiga, Adriano Sousa
Insulin Release from Alginate Microspheres Reinforced with Dextran Sulfate (pdf 375 KB)


Catarina P. Reis, R. J. Neufeld, Antonio J. Ribeiro, Francisco Veiga
Design of Insulin-Loaded Alginate Nanoparticles: Influence of Calcium Ion on Polymer Gel Matrix Properties (pdf 308 KB)


Viktor Nedović, Verica Manojlović, Ulf Pruesse, Branko Bugarski, Jasna Đonlagić, Klaus Vorlop
Optimization of the Electrostatic Droplet Generation Process for Controlled Microbead Production - Single Nozzle System (pdf 291 KB)


Slavica Šiler Marinković, Dejan Bezbradica, Petar Škundrić
Microencapsulation in the Textile Industry (pdf 201 KB)


Ljiljana Mojović, Karen Dierksen, Goran Jovanović
Chromatophore Based Cytosensor: Responses to Various Biologically Active Agents (pdf 444 KB)


Stavros Pavlou
Microbial Competition in Bioreactors (pdf 276 KB)


Miodrag Živković, Saša Malkov, Snežana Zarić, Milena Vujošević Janičić, Jelena Tomašević, Goran Predović, Novica Blažić, Miloš V. Beljanski
Statistical Dependence of Protein Secondary Structure on Amino Acid Bigrams (pdf 210 KB)